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Game mod for Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Fever - Friday Night Funkin' Mod is a free music game for the popular rhythm-based Friday Night Funkin'. It is a mod that was created through the collaborative effort of indie developers, Helloitsmako and CesarFever. It features various Residents of FeverTown serving as opponents for players to battle with.

Friday Night Funkin' has been a popular rhythm-based game developed by a team of creators from the entertainment site, Newgrounds. Being an open-source game, it allowed for various mods to be created for it, and Friday Night Fever is one such example.

What is Friday Night Fever - Friday Night Funkin' about?

Friday Night Fever - Friday Night Funkin' takes place in Fever Town, a once-abandoned spot on the map that's now home to criminals, rejects, and those shunned by society. You play as the town's mayor, Cesar Fever who, due to a drunken daze, put out a law stating that anyone who beats you can become the new mayor. This has stirred up the whole town and its denizens, with each one looking to take control.

Friday Night Fever brings with it 20 new and all original songs to play, as well as utilizing the Kade Engine introduces some quality of life improvements compared to the one that Friday Night Funkin' uses for the base game. It even introduces two new difficulty modes called, Baby Mode and Hard+ Mode. Also, since this is a newly released mod, the developers promise new dialogues to come out each week.

While on the subject of development, just note that the game is still being actively developed. As such, expect more changes, improvements, and even fixes to bugs that you'll encounter to go along with those new dialogues. Also, there have been instances that the mod itself won't run after extraction, so just be aware of that.

Another great addition

Overall, Friday Night Fever - Friday Night Funkin' Mod is another great addition to the list of mods made for Friday Night Funkin'. There are a bunch of new songs to try out and the use of the Kade Engine brings some nice improvements to the core gameplay. If you're a fan of the base game and you're looking for something more to play, try this fun little mod. 


  • 20 new playable songs
  • Uses the Kade Engine
  • Two new difficulty modes


  • Still in active development
  • Some instances when the mod will not run after extraction

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